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We provide health and wellness experts with the most unique, robust, and highest quality, suite of health and wellness tools, available today.


& their employees


& their patients


& their clients

Health Clubs

& their patients


& their patients


& their goals

Physical Therapists

& their patients

Personal Trainers

& their clients

Business Benefits

  • Lower insurance Premiums
  • Decrease Healthcare Cost
  • Employee Moral Booster
  • Community Builder
  • Feature Bullet

Business Benefits

  • Member Retention
  • Faster Goal Progress
  • Gym Presence Elevation

Progress-Based Incentives

Employee engagement is consistently rated one of the top wellness program challenges. For worksite wellness programs to be effective, the vast majority of your employees need to participate. Otherwise, non-participants will develop health conditions faster than those who do participate.

Earn Points
Through Participation need

User Achievements
and Performance Ladders need

Increase Engagement
& Motivate Employees need

Lifestyle Change

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