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Double-check that the figure/button is not linked in order to avoid unwanted reloading. Infinite scrolling has the potential to make a web page nearly endless. Making users continuously scroll down the page to see, say, previous blog posts or products belonging to the same category may frustrate them, causing page abandonment.

pagination web design

These include basic labeled pages, customizable advanced options, a split-screen product layout, and navigation. Also, the platform offers an edge-to-edge design for seamless browsing and a carousel for quick scrolling. One common mistake in pagination design is making navigation options too subtle or invisible. Pagination should indicate where users are, where they’ve been, and where they can go next.

When numbered navigation isn’t needed

It also means the automated procedure of adding consecutive numbers to designate the chronological order of pages in print documents and some online content. Pagination patterns are usually placed at the bottom of all the pages—containing the individual items—within the dataset. Adidas’s shop allows users to sort through products and splits the results across several pages.

pagination web design

Make sure that the creative solution will be useful and convenient for your users. You give your customers a convenient way to browse the content on the site and easily return to the products they’re interested in. Choose colors for your buttons that stand out against the background but still harmonize with the overall design of the site. Finally, consider adding subtle visual cues, like shadows or gradients, to give your buttons a three-dimensional look, enhancing the tactile feel on a flat screen.

Pagination UI best practices and complex considerations

Pagination is the process of splitting the contents of a website, or a section of contents from a website, into discrete pages. When faced with such mayhem, our eyes have the unenviable job of raging for order, desperately trying to make sense of where our targets might be. In our nightmare supermarket, we could still find our needed items, but imagine the time you’d need to go up and down, panning your eyes and scanning for things! Such is the case with websites, which would also require lengthy scrolling and scanning in order to identify target items. Scrolling adds to the user’s efforts to complete a task, and increases the chance of mistakes due to information that remains unnoticed.

Thanks to pagination, the user does not have to constantly scroll down the page in search of the right product. AliExpress has a simple and effective pagination system for browsing large amounts of data. It displays the number of available result pages and offers arrows to navigate them. The great thing is that it allows you to input the desired page number and immediately takes you there once confirmed. One of the key aspects of pagination is user experience improvement. Without pagination, any user will be lost in a website with many contents.

Structure Your Link Properly

For instance, in e-commerce, specific product searches are essential. Therefore, traditional pagination or filtering options provide a better path for users to discover desired items and navigate effectively. what is pagination Pagination is a design pattern used to divide content into separate pages. Pagination in web applications is usually controlled by a code, which typically orders dataset items from newest to oldest.

pagination web design

It’s very easy to understand and not to get lost in the multitude of products. You can control the amount of content on one page or let the user choose how many product cards to display on one page. Make buttons touch-friendly for smartphones — they should be large and visible enough to be easily tapped with a finger. Check whether there is an adequate space between buttons to prevent accidental clicks and smooth the navigation process. As you can see from the real-life examples, the pagination of each platform is different and unique. Now, let’s talk about key points to consider when implementing this technique on your site.

A guide to grid layout design with examples

In general, selections should be able to span multiple pages, but there should be an indication of how many things are selected and on what page. The user should only be allowed to do a bulk action on their current page unless there is an obvious confirmation dialog indicating what items will be affected. At the most basic level, a pagination user interface allows the user to navigate pages. I make sure our clients get the high-quality result from the beginning stage of the idea discovery & strategy to the final digital product. For instance, Google uses unclickable black text to indicate the current page in search results. A simplified example of UX pagination best practices on a news site.

  • Additionally, it shows the total number of result pages for your search, helping users find the content they seek with ease.
  • Designers place these links strategically, away from the page numbers.
  • This approach involves preferring minimalistic yet intuitive design elements that don’t overwhelm your audience.

Assuming the results aren’t on the first page, and you’re actually utilizing pagination, you’ll need Previous/Next buttons. Once you’re in the “middle” of the search results, you most likely won’t have a desire to go back to the first page. Similarly, you probably won’t have a need to skip to the last page; if you were that interested, you’d sort the results descending. One of the first issues you might encounter is deciding the number of links to the pages there should be. This also includes the confusion of whether to link to the first and last pages of the pagination list.

Limitation of the number of page links

That is because people are hard-wired to recognize patterns, even when there are none. It’s the same reason that we often think we know where to click when first experiencing a website—and get frustrated if things aren’t where we think they should be. Choosing the right user interface design pattern is crucial to taking advantage of this natural pattern-spotting, and this course will teach you how to do just that. When designing pagination from an accessibility standpoint, you must ensure that all users, irrespective of their abilities, can navigate and use your website effectively. Vitaly Friedman compares the two approaches, along with a more controlled version of infinite scrolling—the load more button. Infinite scrolling was designed as a faster and user-friendlier alternative to pagination.

pagination web design

For instance, calendar interfaces benefit from a simple forward and back UI that can also go to the present day. Blogs and other media websites don’t usually benefit from showing numbers. And even some heavy data table UIs don’t require numbers to achieve user goals. Always let the user’s needs dictate what UI patterns you implement.

Create Unique and Relevant Content

It displays the number of pages with available results and a button resembling an arrow to slide through them. When you go to the next page, the number of others appears, making it easy to select the desired section you want to visit. It allows you to navigate among the available results by clicking directly on the page you want. Additionally, you can use arrow buttons located at the edges that respond when hovered over. For example, when viewing the first page of results, don’t show a “Previous” button.

pagination web design

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